Some Basic Requirements

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of first-time airsofters come through here. There is a absolute trend that we’re seeing with players completely unprepared to spend the afternoon in the woods, and feel it’s necessary to get this information out there.  Hopefully the folks who most need to read this will get the information.

While we have comprehensive rental packages, there are still a number of items that people need to bring or wear; things that we are simply unable to provide.

Here’s a common-sense list of things everyone should bring.

This is an example of perfectly acceptable airsofting clothing. This player will stick out a little bit, but there’s not huge amounts of red or orange.

Appropriate comfortable clothing, preferably in muted colors.  Definitely don’t wear anything with a lot of red or orange on it.  If there is to be a wide range of temperatures during a given game, dress in layers.  It takes two seconds to check the day’s forecast so that you’ll be prepared if it starts raining, or if the temperature shoots up to 80F.

You don’t need $800 in Crye multicam to blend in.  Pretty much any surplus camo will work just fine.  Civilian camo (Mossy Oak, RealTree, etc.) are also excellent choices.

You don’t need $250 Salomon hikers.. those inexpensive ones from your local department store will be just fine.


BOOTS.  Since we play in a variety of environments in a variety of weather conditions, you could be kicking up dust during one game, and trudging through mud and puddles in the next.  Regardless, boots provide the best foot and ankle support and will help prevent serious injury if you trip over a rock or slip off a root.

Sneakers (tenners, trainers, whatever you call them) are never a good idea.

Don’t show up in sandals or crocs or flipflops and expect to be allowed on the field.

Bring spare socks and shoes.  When the game is over and we’re having chow, you may want to have dry footwear to so your feet aren’t marinating any more than necessary in swamp juice.  However, this is completely up to you.

Obviously, bring a towel so you can dry off your feet before slipping into your clean dry socks.

Water containers come in a variety of shapes, size, colors, and materials. We have inexpensive water bottles available for purchase.

Refillable water container that holds at least 16 ounces.  This could be a camelpak, a canteen, an old soda bottle, whatever.  We provide the in-game water, but it’s up to you to have something to put it in so you aren’t drinking straight out of the water coolers.

Callsign Mouse and his excellent corpse roleplay taking a quick breather after being hit.

A can-do attitude and willingness to have fun.  If you’re not enjoying the game mode, talk to a mod or admin, instead to endlessly complaining to your teammates.  They don’t want to hear that.  In that same vein of thought, if you have better ideas for better games, please feel free to write them up and submit them to us.  We can definitely chat about it.