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OP: Damage Control III – Raffle Prizes Announced!

Can you believe that DCIII is less than a month away??  Yeah, neither can we.

So let’s get to why you’re reading this.. the giveaways this year!  You can buy raffle tickets directly from the event page here:  OP: Damage Control III

(Pro-tip:  if you’re planning on playing and register online, we’ll have your “I was there” award ready for you on your arrival; just make sure you tell us what t-shirt size you wear…. otherwise, you’ll have to wait.  lol)

We’re willing to ship things to anywhere in the Lower 48 (absolutely cannot ship the replicas overseas), and would REALLY appreciate some help covering shipping costs.

Yes, this is by FAR the biggest number of prizes we’ve had so far, and it’s honestly been hard sitting on this information all year.  Over $670 total in prizes!

GRAND PRIZE (worth up to $475!)

From our friends at Tactical Parts:

From our friends at 6mmPlastic:

    • 1 bag of your choice of BBs (Retail: $17 to $20)
    • 6mmPlastic Embroidered patch (Retail: $4)
    • 6mmPlastic Sticker (Retail: $2)

Plus a SAASMaine PVC patch and sticker (Retail: $8)

First Runner-up Prize (worth $103!)

Graciously donated by Treebeardo and Miss Tree:

    • HFC HG199 M9 Green Gas Blowback pistol with magazine (Retail: $95)

Plus a SAASMaine PVC patch and sticker (Retail: $8)

Second Runner-up Prize (worth $60!)

From our friends at ExFog:

    • 1 ExFog Essentials Kit (Retail: $46)
    • ExFog “Rocker” Patch (Retail: $6)

Plus a SAASMaine PVC patch and sticker (Retail: $8)

Third AND Fourth Runner-up Prizes (worth up to $34 each!)

From our friends at 6mmPlastic:

    • 1 bag of your choice of BBs (Retail: $17 to $20)
    • 6mmPlastic Embroidered patch (Retail: $4)
    • 6mmPlastic Sticker (Retail: $2)

Plus a SAASMaine PVC patch and sticker (Retail: $8)


A Note on the T-6 Ronin:

The next generation of variable FPS Ronin AEGs have arrived. KWA’s upgraded AEG 2.5 gearboxes are now drop-in trigger ready allowing users to employ their favorite MOSFETs or electronic triggers, such as the Gate TITAN to maximize weapon performance. The Ronin T6 PDW is stacked with features derived from extensive user feedback; from the all-new redesigned M-LOK handguards, improved PDW stock, an ambidextrous charging handle and KWA’s brand new SOCOM-style muzzle brake, the T6 is once again ready to dominate the playing field.

The adjustable FPS system allows you to go from CQB to field play with a 330-380 FPS adjustment range. Highlighted by a Switch Life Extender to minimize the wear and tear on trigger contacts, the AEG 2.5 provides Milsim and Field players the ultimate AEG rifle to outlast the competition. Additional new features include magazine cutoff compatibility combined with adjustable FPS for users to customize their KWA AEG rifle to their own specifications with the new VPS tool (included in every box).

Best of all, AEG Ronin models feature modular upper receivers. You can swap full upper receivers with any AEG 2.5 or AEG 3 rifle to create the perfect AEG rifle. As just one example: end users can install the Ronin Recon ML (MLOK-compatible) upper receiver on the Ronin PDW lower receiver and enjoy an aggressive front end with a tanker-style stock.

    • Length Retracted: 21.75″
    • Length Extended: 26.5″
    • Outer Barrel Length: 6.75″
    • Inner Barrel Length: 7.25”
    • Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
    • Weight (with mag): 5.7 lbs
    • Rate of Fire: 20 RPS
    • Energy Output: 1.4 Joules
    • Power Source: NiMh or Li-po/Li-Fe (yes, these handle 11.1v lipos out of the box)

(For additional battery space, we HIGHLY recommend the AirTech Studios BEU (Battery Extension Unit).)

A Note on the M9:

The HFC HG199 is a full metal, Green gas blowback pistol, based in design to the M9. HFC’s gas blowback line is an excellent out-of-the-box performer, and comes with everything you need to start playing. Constructed with a metal frame, slide, and barrel, the HFC HG199 is a weighty and solid feeling airsoft gun, and will not leave you wanting for extra realism, as the green gas blowback creates an excellent kick every time you pull the trigger.

This HFC pistol includes an under barrel rail on the frame for mounting lights or lasers should you desire. The signature skeletonized slide of the M9 makes the HG193 cycle quickly and surely, with excellent, snappy recoil. If you’re looking for a metal, affordable, budget gas blow back, this offering from HFC is a great choice.

Manufacturer: HFC
Model: HG-199
Color: Gray
Muzzle Velocity: 300 FPS (w/ .20g BBs)
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine


  • Metal construction
  • Green Gas powered
  • Snappy, satisfying recoil
  • Textured grips

A personal note from Bear:

If you win a prize and have no intent on using it, and are just going to “flip” it, the field will buy it back from you for the cost of however many tickets you purchased.  We do these giveaways to get good gear into the hands of our players, not so someone can make extra money.

The field purchased every single one of these items, so for you to flip something, it is literally stealing from the field.

It’s your prerogative, of course, but it’s a shitty thing to do.  Don’t be that person.



Tactical Parts
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