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New at SAASMaine: No More Fog!

Something that’s been in the works for awhile has finally come to fruition:  SAASMaine is now an official member of the ExFog Dealer Army!

So why ExFog?  This is the only way to reliably play without your goggles getting all fogged up.  And yes, it even works if you have prescription inserts.

There are brands of goggles with built-in fans, and while they may work all right (they usually don’t.. at least the ones I bought didn’t), you are stuck with that single style of goggle.  With an ExFog, you can run those super low-profile goggles you like when sniping, and those huge M-whatever military-looking things when you run your Blackhawk Down kit.  You can even use your ExFog with your safety goggles while you’re woodworking and weedwhacking.  ExFog also works perfectly with full face masks like Virtue and Dye masks, and the ExFog Standard Kit now comes with both a headband and a t-band.

One of us has an ExFog in the photo. One of us didn’t, at the time, because she “didn’t need one”. I ordered her one immediately after this game.

ExFog is a super lightweight, yet powerful, modular system that ensures you can see… and in a FPS like airsoft (or paintball), you’re somewhat reliant on being able to see.  And no, ExFog doesn’t dry out your eyes.  Not sure who started that tidbit of information, but they’re probably the same person who told everyone to “clean” their inner barrels with silicone grease.

Yes, you WILL be able to hear the fan in your ExFog, and yes, if you have a GoPro also strapped to your head, it’ll pick up the hum from the fan though the vibrations in your skull.

We’ve been using ExFog for a number of years, and it is an absolute game-changer.  Once I got prescription inserts and the ExFog, I almost felt like I was cheating… I could see, and I could see clearly.  It almost took the challenge out of airsoft (not really, but the difference is quite significant).  In fact, I ran the first couple of games this season without my ExFog (I lost my tubing) and it was honestly a miserable experience; well, it was like reliving the old days, before investing in this amazing little box.

Undoubtedly, you may have heard that there is a competitor in the fog-free market this year.  On the one hand, that’s a good thing for we, the consumer, because that’s helped bring down the price of ExFog, but honestly, I would have happily continued paying what they used to cost because this is a case of “you get what you pay for”.

You can’t wash this off… and this was from the “brag video”. Fail.

The biggest selling point to me for the ExFog is the fact there are thousands upon thousands of units already sold and used every day/week in all sorts of airsoft conditions.  The tough polycarbonate body of the ExFog is all but impervious to BB shots, even at close range (mine took half a dozen hits from near point blank range from a fairly upgraded AEG, and I washed the marks off afterward).

Sure, the ExFog doesn’t blow around flour (what kind of endorsement is that, anyway?), but it isn’t blowing flour out of your goggles… it’s moving air, which is what keeps the fog away, and the ExFog has plenty of power to do that, and yes, it will run all day.

Showing the tube routing while the ExFog is attached to the back of Bear’s Vietnam-era M1 helmet. There is a small rectangle of loop faster sewn directly onto the helmet cover.

Another selling point is the modular manifold system.  Each ExFog comes with two different manifolds, one that routes the tubes around the sides of your head, which is great when wearing ball caps, boonies, or just the headband, but also a “straight down” manifold that allows you to route the tubes up under a helmet, be it a FAST style, or an old M1 Style.  Also, if on the off-chance your manifold gets shot out, replacements are quick and easy (and inexpensive) to source – we have them in stock!

Speaking of replacements.. you will be VERY hard-pressed to find better customer service, than with ExFog.  They are a small American company based in Indiana, and when you email them, you get a response from the owner.

SAASMaine will maintain a decent selection of ExFog units (both Standard and Essential), as well as replacement items: both the headband and t-band, manifold sets, and extra tubing.  Over the years as customers, we’ve built a fantastic rapport with Aaron, and we expect that to continue over as we explore our new business relationship.


Final word:  is ExFog worth it?  Absolutely yes.  We wouldn’t be selling them if they weren’t.  This is a product that we absolutely believe in.


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