eXperience Points (XP)

Everyone likes eXperience Points (XP). In the gaming world, more XP means higher levels which typically unlocks loadouts or special abilities. In airsoft, however, actual experience will “unlock” “special abilities” (ie. players improve at the game as they learn the field better, as they become more comfortable with their kit, as they figure out that in the end, K:D doesn’t mean anything if the team loses).  Unfortunately, however, in order to “unlock” loadouts, players still have to buy them.  Want a custom gun skin?  Buy some paint and get busy.  That’s the downside of Real Life. Honestly though, bragging rights about XP are always awesome.

Starting this year, SAASMaine is going to implement an XP system; this is another idea that we’ve blatantly stolen from Harris Airsoft. We’ve played enough FPSs and MMORPGs to be confident that we have a decent understanding as to how to make this work out.

Please note that there will be absolutely no “pay to win”. Well, if enough money is offered, we might take the bribe.  Lumber is still prohibitively expensive, and we have buildings we’d like to put up.

While a number of you already have potentially a couple dozen games already under your belts, we will be starting this year with a fresh, clean slate for everyone, and this will be a multi-year journey to the highest honors. However, players will be rewarded along the way.

There will be a total of seven achievements, and here’s how it works:

  • For each game a player attends they earn 100XP.
  • There will be a number of special events announced throughout the year (like OP: Damage Control) which will award 200XP.
  • As each level is achieved, an unlock is awarded to that player.

The achievements are:

  • Boot: 1 – 1000XP
  • Operator: 1001 – 2500XP
  • Special Forces: 2501 – 4000XP
  • Elite Operator: 4001 – 6000XP
  • Black Ops: 6001 – 8000XP
  • Elite Commander: 8001 – 10000XP
  • Legendary Operator: 10001+ XP

Everyone starts out as a Rank 1 “Boot” (short for “Boot Camp”) when they attended their first game, starting in 2023, with 1XP. When those players return for their next game, they are awarded 100XP. Yes, we’ve done the math. Yes, we know exactly how long it will take to achieve “Legendary”, barring special events. Yes, this is completely on purpose.  “Time gates” are a thing… and so is “grinding”. 

We are super excited about this coming season, and hope everyone else is as well! Let’s get our airsoft on.