Airsoft and Toxicity

Back a zillion years ago, there was always some light-hearted poking fun at others online.  As time progressed on, the light-hearted fun started turning less light-hearted and more brutal.  “Edgelords” became the new meta; people being dicks just to be dicks.  If you’ve ever spent more than two seconds in a COD lobby or on any of the popular social media sites, you already know exactly what I’m talking about.

Fortunately, 99% of these “edgelords” are all nothing more than keyboard warriors.  They are simply online bullies who don’t have the testicular fortitude to do or say anything to anyone’s face.  However, the damage has already been done.  New players and potential new players will discover airsoft online, then see the sheer amount of toxic fuckery online and decide to not even give airsoft a try.

Most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Some of you reading this are the ones who are doing this and I would be greatly appreciative if you’d just stop.

Anytime someone shares something online, there are the same group of people who do nothing but tear them down.  If you’re such a fucking expert, maybe take a few microseconds to be more constructive, and if you can’t, maybe you should just keep scrolling and keep your rude-ass mouth shut.  And yes, this applies to life in general and not just airsoft.

“But Bear, you’re being a dick in this article!”  Yeah, I am.  Simply put, there are thousands upon thousand of airsofters in the world, so there are thousands and thousands of opinions out there, which in itself should be enough empirical proof that there really is no one right way to play this game.  We’re fortunate at SAASMaine though, as we haven’t (yet) had any problems with toxicity.  On the other hand, everyone knows that I will shut that shit down in a hurry, both online as well as at the field.

A reminder that tolerance is a “social contract”.  Everyone is expected to be tolerant up until someone is not.  At that point, no one is obligated to be tolerant of that person, as they have broken the contract.

Some things to keep in mind while you’re interacting with other people, especially online:

If someone asks a question about an AEG they already own, telling them to “just HPA it” or “buy a Brand X” is not helpful.  Just because you might have the money to throw $500+ at a problem doesn’t mean everyone else does.  Sometimes that turd needs to be polished, and if you aren’t willing to grab a rag and help them polish it, then perhaps moving on to the next post would be your best bet.

If someone spends the time and money to put together a specific loadout and it’s not “perfect”, then just fucking help them.  Post reference photos, and refrain from being a munted shitfunnel with shit like “It’s like you don’t even make an effort to be accurate. Low quality, lazy built kits with no semblance of authenticity to them.” and “Bruh, just stop please, have mercy.”

In what way is that helpful?  Some kid is trying to build a kit they like, and all they do is catch crap from randos online, and even friends.  If there’s something wrong with the loadout, again, post reference photos and have a conversation with them that’s not full of insults and cheap shots.

Simply put, there is absolutely ZERO reason to be insulting, condescending, or otherwise assholish to other people, be it online or in person.  If there’s something you don’t like, or if the other person is doing something patently wrong, either keep your mouth shut, or actually help them.  No, I don’t care if someone was a jerk to you when you first started out.  Break that chain and let’s make airsoft a better place to be.