When you come to the field, you’ll notice that we’ve changed BB vendors.  BLS is one of the world-leading manufacturers of BBs, to the point that BLS is the OEM for a number of other brands out there, to include Elite Force, Valken, Madbull, Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, KWA, etc.  Let’s face it:  BLS makes a superior product and not for all that much money.  Sure, their BBs are more than Walmart brand BBs, but if you enjoy range and accuracy, a better BB is absolutely required.  If you insist on using those crap BBs that you bought in bulk from Alibaba, a gentle reminder than our tech fee is $25 per hour.

Enter 6mmPlastic.  We love these guys.  We’ve easily put more than a hundred thousand of their BBs through all types of replicas and have consistently had great results.  We’ve cut open a number of BBs at random to make sure their claims of “no air bubbles” hold true; and they do.  Every BB that we’ve randomly measured is 5.95 +/-1 as promised.

So now we’re looking at an American-owned business that is very transparent about from where their BBs are manufactured (China).  If you explore the 6mmPlastic website, they’ve included copies of the biodegradable reports.  Best of all, they are a veteran owned and operated company.

“Wow,” you’re thinking.  “These BBs are going to cost $30 a kilo.  No, they’re not.

There is quite literally no “middle man” between 6mmPlastic and the factory, so they have to pay only the cost to have the BBs manufactured plus shipping to the US.  There are no other mark-ups, there is no one else trying to get a piece of that pie (except us.. lol).  This is great news for we, the consumers.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), 6mmPlastic’s demand completely overwhelmed their supply when they first began.  Players all over the US were discovering these are damn good BBs at a damn good price.  However, when you’re at the mercy of other people, especially overseas, there’s not a whole lot you can do when the supply runs short.  6mmPlastic handled the whole thing with dignity and professionalism.

Around the same time, it was discovered their super heavy BBs weren’t really up to the same quality as their light- and mid-weight BBs.  6mmPlastic responsibly pulled those BBs from the website… actually sold them at cost or half price, I believe, just to dump the inventory, but with the caveat that they were of lower quality than the 0.32g and below.

Side note:  I still have a bunch of the heavyweight BBs (.43g) and personally have had zero issues with them, but then again, I’m not a fan of “tightbore” barrels.  In fact, some of our players will be feeling the sting of them through my DMR this season.

Now 6mmPlastic is dealing with supply problems, consistency problems, then COVID hit.  Of course, EVERYTHING shut down.  The shutdowns potentially saved a lot of lives in the big picture, but for the more immediate smaller picture, yeah, it sucked.  And not in that fun way, either.  6mmPlastic went silent.   We had no idea what was going on, so started using BLS.

In the meanwhile, 6mmPlastic has been rebuilding and have just recently reopened their shop, and so say we’re excited is an understatement.  We immediately ordered some .32g for ourselves, and they are every bit as good as they used to be.  In fact, we mixed the last our our BLS bios with some of our 6mmPlastic bios, and there was absolutely no difference in any of the shots.  That speaks volumes to us… a double-blind study of sorts, really.

Players will be able to source 6mmPlastic bio BBs right at the field this season, and certainly not for $30 per kilo (we don’t yet know what the price will be).  All our .25g rental BBs will be 6mmPlastic bios as well.

We are super excited to have the support from 6mmPlastic, and we hope you’ll love their BBs as much as we do.