Unscheduled Mid-week Blog: a Disclaimer

I’ve been getting some great feedback from the articles I’ve been writing, so thank you all for the support.

Next week’s blog is potentially divisive.  That was not my intention, and I even address that I have strong personal feelings about some of the subject matter – I know there’s a lot of people out there who will disagree with my personal views on it, and that’s quite okay.  But don’t tell me I’m wrong.  I have an opinion about something subjective – there is no right or wrong.  It’s fucking subjective.  And I have damn good reasons to feel the way I do.

Regardless, I do strive to maintain a neutral tone throughout every article I write, and when I present facts, it’s based on a combination of my own education and experience.  I agree that I should probably be better about citing sources.

I will also never tell you which gun is the best, or which battery is the best, or which BBs are the best.  I will, however, tell you which guns and batteries and BBs that I like and use, and while some may say that the guns and batteries and BBs that I like and use are shit, my experience has shown me otherwise.  And while I may be an “insignificant statistical sample of one”, this “one” is 100%.

I will share with you which guns and batteries and BBs I don’t like or use.  I will always encourage people to shop at smaller online stores, or preferably, shop locally.  I will tell you which AEGs are the easiest for me to work on, and which AEGs I’ve struggled with… namely the AEGs that I had to replace every stock internal part to get working.  Three brands immediately spring to mind, and I will NEVER buy one again.  Again, I know that others have and love those brands, but with 100% fail rates from my “insignificant statistical sample of one”, that’s still 100%.

I will never intentionally mislead or lie to anyone about anything.  Especially when it comes to airsoft, since there is so much mixed information out there.  Fortunately, there’s a ton of great information available online, but there is still the chaff you have to sift through: the half-truths, the outright bullshit, the influencers trying to sell something so they get free shit.

Regardless, if I’ve made any factual errors, please let me know.  Don’t come at me hot, or I’ll ignore/block you.  Calling me names won’t win you any points either.  Be civil.  Be intelligent.  Be prepared to cite your sources.  If you notice, a bulk of my information is focused on real life science, so unless the source you cite ends in .edu (or similar), I’m not going to take it seriously.

This blog is to help educate, to help create discussion, to help people understand why shit works the way it does, and to help me learn more.  It’s up to the more veteran players to introduce, welcome and embrace new players.  It is our job to keep airsoft alive.  Please never lose sight of that.