(207) 200-7827 Codfish Ridge Rd. - Linneus, Maine

Southern Aroostook Action Sports (SAAS)

Where do you airsoft?

The closest NEASG field is in Dayton, Maine.  That is minimally a 4.5 hour trip from Houlton.  Don’t get us wrong, Harris Farm Airsoft Field is definitely worth the trip, if you have somewhere to stay.

This is where SAAS comes in.  We have nearly 20 acres of woodland in Linneus that we will be building into an NEASG field.  Why is that important?  “Since 1997, the North Eastern Air Soft Group promotes safe, fun, and honorable use of airsoft weapons at all levels of involvement, from the Backyard to the Battlefield.”  Being a part of NEASG means we are a part of a larger airsoft community that spans New England and beyond.

Our plan is to open to the public in 2021.  this year we will focus on building the field with your help.  What does this mean?  Clearing brush, cutting trails, building a village or two, as well as natural bunkers and cover.  If you can swing a hammer or a bush axe, we want you involved!

Of course, as we build, we will need to test out the different aspects of the field, and the best way to do that is with the army of volunteers who have been working on the field!  It’s still part of the “work”, so you’re not allowed to have too much fun.  😉

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