SAASMaine Logo T-Shirt

SAASMaine Logo T-Shirt


We sell Gildan t-shirts, which are among the best affordable tees out there.  We fell in love with the “Heather Military Green” and even though it’s getting more and more difficult to come by, we will continue to provide this fantastic color.

Also, what we call “Coyote Brown” is Gildan’s “Brown Savana”.  It’s kind of a cross between Coyote and FDE.  If you want us to start stocking actual “Coyote Brown” tees, just keep in mind those tees are at least triple the price of “civilian” colors… a cost that we’d be forced to pass along to you.  Yay, capitalism, right?

Eventually, we may add black, but having a zillion different colors is really not in the plan.


Yeah.  T-shirts, made right here by us!

Please note that sometimes it’s hard to source the right color tee, so if we’re out, your order could be delayed by a week or two, depending on supplier shipping, etc., because we can’t have anything be easy.

BONUS! If you want your callsign or name on the sleeve, let us know!  No extra charge.


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