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SAASMaine Founder Patch



We are absolutely humbled for those of you who supported SAASMaine with your Founder patch purchases.  We didn’t think anyone would ante up that kind of money for a silly little patch, but we were proven wrong.  THANK YOU.

Because we didn’t think this would work as a fundraiser, we didn’t have any plan for any money raised from this.  However, we can assure you that we found a way to reinvest the funds directly into the field.  More on this later.

Again, our sincere appreciation to everyone who bought a Founder patch.  Wear it/display it with pride.

Instead of starting up a GoFundMe or a Kickstarter, we’re going to just Offer up a few of our coveted Founder patches to anyone who wants to invest in Southern Aroostook Action Sports.

Yes, they’re really $100.  This is a fundraiser, afterall.

Severely limited quantity available.

Out of stock


The SAASMaine Founder patch is a coveted item that is our way of saying THANK YOU to the amazing individuals who have helped us grow.

Typically, this is in the form of volunteer labor.  Some people have graciously donated us things for field improvements.  While both of those things are immensely helpful, they don’t really help us with adding to/upgrading our rental fleet, or saving up for a dead Huey to put somewhere on the field.

The Founder patches feature the original SAASMaine logo with “Founder” emblazoned underneath.  They are crafted from PVC, backed with hook fastener, and are 3″ tall.

SAASMaine Logo T-Shirt


We sell Gildan t-shirts, which are among the best affordable tees out there.  We fell in love with the “Heather Military Green” and even though it’s getting more and more difficult to come by, we will continue to provide this fantastic color.

Also, what we call “Coyote Brown” is Gildan’s “Brown Savana”.  It’s kind of a cross between Coyote and FDE.  If you want us to start stocking actual “Coyote Brown” tees, just keep in mind those tees are at least triple the price of “civilian” colors… a cost that we’d be forced to pass along to you.  Yay, capitalism, right?

Eventually, we may add black, but having a zillion different colors is really not in the plan.


Yeah.  T-shirts, made right here by us!

Please note that sometimes it’s hard to source the right color tee, so if we’re out, your order could be delayed by a week or two, depending on supplier shipping, etc., because we can’t have anything be easy.

BONUS! If you want your callsign or name on the sleeve, let us know!  No extra charge.

SAASMaine Memerags


There are two universal constants regarding airsofters:

  1. Airsofters need deadrags.
  2. Airsofters love memes.


Presenting our branded SAASMaine Memerags (patent pending*).  Each memerag is made right here, by us, and features the SAASMaine logo, and a hilarious meme.  If you don’t like our chosen memes, you should probably have your head examined – but since you’re so darn funny, WRITE YOUR OWN and we’ll customize it for you.  Your meme, your callsign, your significant other’s name.  Pretty much anything.  Within reason.  The one constant will be the SAASMaine logo, because “merchandising is where the real money is made.” (Yogurt)

Our Memerags are made from 100% cotton dyed a brilliant red and emblazoned with super tough vinyl.  Each Memerag measures a generous 22″x22″.

Investing in one (or more) of our memerags supports a small field and local business.  Buying some crappy generic crap from some crappy megacorporation supports no one you should give a crap about.

* Just kidding about the “patent pending” thing.  But we did coin the phrase and should TM it, but V*lken will just steal the idea anyway, then beat us up in court when we go to defend our TM.


SAASMaine Patch


Show your SAASMaine pride wherever you go.

58 in stock


Show your support for SAASMaine with our PVC field patch!

These patches are 3″ in height and have a hook backing on them so they’ll attach to your patch wall, ACUs, backpack, car ceiling, cat..

No, please do not stick patches on your cat.  They’re already mad enough that they’re apex predators but only 10 pounds so people just pick them up and snuggle them when all they want to do is sleep and tear your face off.

But outside of the fact that this is a fantastic cool patch – it’s OUR patch, it is just a patch.  Not really sure why you’re still reading the item description.  If you’re in the mood to read something, feel free to read the field Basic Values & Rules.  You’d be among the first to actually do so.  :-O

SAASMaine Slap


Perfect for gun cases, ammo boxes, laptops, guitar cases, windows.. this vinyl sticker looks great and shows your support! Size: 3″ x 2-1/4″.  Ships free worldwide.